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FUTMINNA CHM111 Past Questions PDF Download

FUTMINNA CHM111 Past Questions; See details on FUTMINNA CHM111 Past Questions – Physical Chemistry

Course Overview

CHM 111 Introduction to physical chemistry is a 3- credit unit course for students studying towards acquiring a Bachelor of Science in any field. The course is divided into 4 modules and 15 study units. It will first introduce the physical quantities in SI units, gas laws based on the experiments performed by Boyle, Charles and Dalton. Furthermore, the assumptions of the kinetic theory of gases are explained and used in deriving an equation giving relationship between pressure, volume and temperature. Subsequently, there is a discussion on the types and the importance of liquid crystals.

The course guide therefore gives you an overview of what CHM 111 is all about, the textbooks and other materials to be referenced, what you expect to know in each unit, and how to work through the course material.

e-facilitator: Elijah Shaba Yanda

FUTMINNA CHM 111 past questions PDF has been made available on this page for quick download. Questions have been compiled from past and the most recent examinations.

The past questions and answers are available for free download.


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