Steps For Resit Registration For University of Ghana Students

By | May 26, 2019

Steps For Resit Registration For University of Ghana Students


Below are the steps for resit registration for all students of University of Ghana Legon. All students having a paper of two to write are to follow the steps for resit registration below in order not to be found wanting.

It is strongly advisable to enquire from the academics affairs office located in the various colleges in order to get a clearer understanding of the new resit system before proceeding with the registration.


Download appropriate re-sit approval form below, print out and fill in. Send to the relevant Department(s) for endorsement. Leave a copy of the re-sit form at the Department for their records.

» Resit Registration for Continuing Students

Click on the link below to download the respective resit forms (for students who should have completed only).


» Resit Forms For Students Who Should Have Completed

» Resit Form For Students Who Should Have Completed (Special Cases)



Submit another copy of endorsed form to the Cash Office at the Registry to be enabled to pay required fees for on-line registration.

  1. Pay for the number of courses you want to re-sit at CASH OFFICE before you start the registration. See Appendix 1 below the schedule of fees for re-sit examinations.
  2. Once payment had been made at the Cash Office, you wait for 24 hours before going online to register.
  3. For student who should have completed (Special Cases) you need to be assisted by the College Academic Officers to register online

*Note that if you do not pay requisite fees for all courses indicated, you cannot register.


You may register online 24 hours after payment at the cash office.  Students who have completed and special cases should not register online.

  1. Go to the re-sit registration page at
  2. Login with your UG Student ID and MIS Web PIN
  3. After a successful log in, click on “Re-sit Registration” (this will be found against your name)
  4. Click on the plus sign (+) below your profile to add a course you want to re-sit
  5. On the registration page, click on “Select Course” to bring up the course lookup dialogue box.
  6. In the search box, type the course code of the course you want to re-sit without a space, example (POLI211).
  7. Tick the box by the course and click on “Select” below
  8. Select the period you wish to write the exams. There are two options; End of Semester Examination and Inter–Semester Break supplementary Examination.
  9. Click on the “Register” button to register for the course
  10.  steps 4 to 9 until you have registered all your re-sit courses.



  • Students who have completed and special cases should not register online.
  • Such students are to present the receipt of payment and another copy of the endorsed form to the College Academic Officer of the College involved to complete the process.
  • They are also required to obtain a Provisional ID for the Examinations at the College Academic Office, one week before the start of examinations.

Students involved are therefore requested to take note and take action accordingly.



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